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Kaufen echten Datenbankpass (+1 631 800 5395) Führerscheine

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Re: Kaufen echten Datenbankpass (+1 631 800 5395) Führerscheine

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Was denn das fürn Spam!?
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Liu Guoliang decentralization has a big pattern

Beitragvon xiaolan » 01.04.2017 04:08

30 days of Anshan, Guoping began to compete. Guo Ping, head coach Liu Guoliang officially dismissed the men's team coach, which also means that the end will be "new" will be in charge of men's team pointer. Liu Guoliang also more time and energy to focus on the national team's macro control, Bruce Bowen Jersey more time to continue to promote Guoping's "third venture" - after all, the competition coach only Liu Guoliang one, no suspense left.
Relative to some time ago the outside world is extremely concerned about the "Ma Wang" return, there is one person to become the focus of competing candidates, that is, Qin Zhijian. He became the only male coach coach of the candidates, and previously said Ma Lin and Wang Hao, respectively, participated in a male team coach of the competition. Because Ma Lin and Wang Hao do not have the "coach" of the job qualification: as a coach participated in the world championships or the Olympic Games.
Compared with the Olympic champion Ma Lin and Wang Hao, Qin Zhijian in the fame of the athletes when they are loud, after all, his career, there is no higher gold content of the three singles champion, the best results only in 1994 World Cup champion, 2001 World Kam Match the double championship. Can often be those who do not highlight the results in the athletes, to coach, but also become a good coach of the potential, because they want to train their disciples to complete their dream never achieved.
After retirement, Qin Zhijian start from the practice coach, starting from the Malone and Xu Xin, embarked on a master behind the outstanding athletes, dazzling, that is, more than 10 years passed. In his teaching and companionship, Qin Zhijian to Malone from a Guoping teenager growth for the Grand Slam champion, became the men's team in the absolute main; Qin Zhijian with, and Xu Xin, Wang Liqin such Olympic champion. See coaching qualifications, Qin Zhijian out of the players and achievements should be in the Xiao war, Ma Junfeng and Liu Heng on.
Tokyo cycle, Qin Zhi Jian long ago, "to accompany Malone all the way to go." And captain Malone is also more determined than Zhang Division, he has been in action with the third Olympic Games to enter.
With more than 10 years of experience with Malone Qin Zhijian became a senior qualifications of the Guo coach, with Ma Lin and Wang Hao fresh blood to join, with Liu Guoliang retired male coach, Qin Zhijian became the men's team coach the most suitable candidate The
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Home luck to win the game

Beitragvon xiaolan » 01.04.2017 05:40

2017 Snooker China Open to continue the third round of competition, the Chinese players Ding Junhui in the 16 strong battle, in the case of 0-2 behind the dark horse Joyce, Albert Wilson Jersey the final 5-3 Lectra opponents. CCTV in the explanation of this game many times out: "Ding Junhui a few defensive walk and attack is really art bold", in the pocket ball to help Xiao Ding won the game, the narrator who laugh McCain, this is Ding Junhui The home advantage.
In the face of 32 strong war out of the "rocket" black cat Joyce, Ding Junhui scored a single shot in the first game after 52 points, because the skin problems, there slide bar, leading to the game interrupted. Had to hand over the game ball. Joyce seize the opportunity and reproduce the single-pole straight into the offensive ability, coupled with a few sticks in no way inferior Ding Junhui defense. In this way, Joyce first two cities, leading the game.
The first two defensive entanglement, Joyce cue ball walk in general, but the grinding is quite a terrible. Especially when Joyce face the stalemate to play a wonderful K ball, CCTV two guests are excited, "beautiful ah, this is a great ball, Joyce's this ball is not the first shot "Guests Pang Weiguo said that this ball is Joyce deliberately, really beautiful.
Of course, in the case of big score 0-2 behind, the two commentary in the attention of the game, but also throw a number of encouraging discourse, Ding Junhui as long as the patience, or a great opportunity. In the first two Council defensive stalemate war, Ding Junhui Joyce precision of a few defensive walk, the two agreed that this is Ding Junhui, art is bold and bold.
In the 0-2 behind the case, Ding Junhui at the end of the halftime then recover the two Council, the big chase into 2-2 level.
The second half began, Joyce continued personal against O'Sullivan game when the precise attack, head start, once again lead the score. Two commentary boast him, Joyce feel really good, in addition to the ball on the ball on the poor, the attack is really what to play which, and a few defensive skill did not worse than Ding Junhui.
The sixth inning Ding Junhui Joyce once again put the defensive matrix, but Ding Junhui face behind the Bureau, and not too much anxious to take the risk of attack, but chose to capture Joyce defensive loopholes attack, and again the big score Equalizer. Pang Weiguo said, Ding Junhui play right, won the Board. Immediately, in the key of the seventh battle, Ding Junhui gradually pick up the use of gas and single pole ability, the first to win the match point.
Finally won the game in the eighth inning, Joyce and Ding Junhui once again took the lead in the defensive entanglement, then, Ding Junhui first seize the opportunity to play a beautiful shot of a single pole 50 +. After that, the two sides again through the fight to defend the offensive, but Joyce's luck seems a little worse. Ding Junhui Joyce in the ball to get 35 points, a beautiful defense is really converted into a dramatic shift bag, the final Ding Junhui take advantage of the game to win. See Ding no intention to turn the bag, the two explain laugh McCain "This is Ding Junhui home advantage.
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Lin Shuhao key mistakes ruined the game

Beitragvon xiaolan » 01.04.2017 08:50

The two teams started the attack was very bad, once 3 minutes did not score until the first section to 9 minutes and 26 seconds, the Nets Long - Hollis - Jefferson to break the deadlock layup. Pistons soon by Jon - Loire in the cast also to color, but their overall offensive is still very poor, Allen Iverson Womens Jersey the Nets are more in the forest under the arrangement of flowers. The first section to 7 minutes 05 seconds, Lin Shuhao left corner of the third hit, to help the Nets 9-2 lead. Pistons called out after the pause soon, by Popper hit the third, their attack finally into the right track. The first section of the game ended, the Nets 18-16 lead.
After the start of the second season, the Pistons Marcus - Morris played well, a person has to get 6 points to help the Pistons 25-24 complete overtake. At this point, Jefferson caused Aaron - Baines shot foul 2 penalty 2 to help the Nets bite the score. Two teams later into a fight, offensive efficiency is not high, points difference to keep at 3 points or so. Section II to the last 30 seconds, Lin Shuhao ball attack, the face of the Pound Leuer direct emergency stop in the vote to help the Nets half 39-35 to stay ahead.
Easy side battles, Lin Shuhao after playing the basket active, first third quarter 11 minutes 21 seconds break layup, and in 7 minutes and 50 seconds to kill the inside, escaped Andre - Drummond's cover layup , Also caused opponents shooting foul, finished playing three points to help the Nets 51-47 to stay ahead. Pistons soon by Ismail - Smith soared in the third, the points difference reduced to 1 point. The Nets then attack the problem, the Pistons hit a 10-2 attack wave to 57-53 million super score. Fortunately, Spencer - Ding Weidi and Trevor - Booker hit the third, the Nets before the third to 63-59 lead.
After the start of the fourth quarter, the Pistons teenager Darren - Gillard played well, first in his own vote in the vote, and then assists Tobias - Harris hit the third, but also caused the attack attack foul, help the Pistons 66- 63 complete overtake. Critical moment, the Nets Justin - Hamilton hit three points, chasing the field score. After some fight, the Pistons once occupied the upper hand. The fourth quarter to 4 minutes and 56 seconds, Maurice outside hit three points to help the Pistons 80-74 lead 6 points. But the Nets later in the Jeremy Lin organization, and soon hit a 9-0 attack wave to 83-80 go-ahead score. Morris at the moment in the vote, but Lopez then Lin Shuhao pass again in the third, the Nets to maintain 4 points advantage. The Pistons still did not give up, Smith in the vote, Harris and Baines are sent out of the block, so that the last 39 seconds 8-486 approaching the score.
In the next attack on the Pistons, Smith left corner of the corner to get a vacant third chance, he will vote in the ball to help the Pistons go ahead. Lopez back to the third, the Nets had to take foul tactics, Harris 2 penalty 2, to help the Pistons 89-86 go-ahead score. The fourth quarter of the game at this time only 4 seconds, the Nets request a long suspended, Lin Shuhao fatal mistakes, was Pope steals, missed the opportunity to lose the Nets, lost the game.
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The team has nothing to do with me

Beitragvon xiaolan » 05.04.2017 04:27

You criticize my worst place is to coach the club for 20 years, is to bring the club (renewed) instability, but on the contrary, if I have some contribution, Alexander Radulov Youth Jersey then that is stable. The current situation of the team has not yet resolved, so we have to focus on the game, this is the most critical. I am inseparable from the club's connection, I do not think about how to escape, but like a man to solve the problem, this is our work. "
For the game itself, Wenger also obeyed the criticism of experts and public opinion, admitted Arsenal in the positioning of the ball defensive did not do enough: "We lost a corner and I have renewed a five-year contract has nothing to do, we must improve the quality of defense, which is Why did we lose the reason for the big game, and the defense is not only about the guard, but also with the whole team, where is wrong? We do not enough.
Wenger also believes Arsenal can end the season with a small climax: "We can get out of the dilemma for the rest of the time, this is a strange season because we have 20 games unbeaten, and then missed a game, two games missed , It is still in our predicament, which is not in our expectation, but it can still be an acceptable season, we still have the opportunity to return to the top four, and we have also reached the FA Cup semi-finals. "
"Post" pointed out that if Arsenal lost to Manchester City, and the same with the gunmen Everton can draw or beat Liverpool, Arsenal will be in Wenger coach 20 years for the first time in April fell out of the Premiership In fact, since Arsene Wenger in 1996 after the Arsenal, the gunmen only one in April fell out of the top 5, that is still in 2006, but after that season, Arsenal return to the top four.
In addition, Arsenal is currently behind the North London rival Tottenham up to 9 points, according to the current momentum of development, Arsenal's Premier League final ranking will be the first time in 1995 after Tottenham beyond, which is the fans do not want to see the scene The
78% of the gun fans have been ignored by Wenger: the team downturn has nothing to do with me
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Dispute penalty is expected to improve

Beitragvon xiaolan » 05.04.2017 07:47

March 30 Urumqi News (text / Chen Yueze) Beijing March 31, CBA finals will be the first game in Xinjiang Men's Basketball home red hills gym started. Albert Pujols Womens Jersey It is understood that the finals of the game compared to the playoffs, the scene has a significant increase in the number of seats, which may also greatly reduce the possibility of court disputes.
According to the Xinjiang club media person in charge, Xinjiang CBA history, the strongest TV broadcast team has been formed. This team by the United States NBA television production team, CBA TV copyright public signal production team Hongrui Xinfeng, and Xinjiang TV production team composed of three parties, the size of the team reached nearly 100 people.
And a direct result, is the finals of the live broadcast site increased significantly. The playoffs of the season, the venue of each game is 9 seats, while the finals increased to 16, the growth rate of nearly double. This will not only enhance the TV audience before the audience experience, but also reduce the probability of the court dispute penalty.
In the second round of the first round of the playoffs this season, the Shanghai men's basketball team against Shenzhen in the game, the Shenzhen team foreign aid Pago once in the regular time of the last moment, hit a note buzzing goal. But this shot is stepped on the three-point line, but triggered a great controversy. Because the venue broadcast less, and can not provide enough for the referee to make judgments clear video playback, the game was interrupted for nearly 20 minutes.
The final ruling when the referee penalty Pago last shot of the line, the two sides into overtime, the Shenzhen team finally lost the game. And this penalty is also a long time after the game, have continued controversy. And this situation, but very promising in the finals of the season to be improved.
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Zhou Qi first battle finals

Beitragvon xiaolan » 05.04.2017 09:47

Who is the victory of this first hero, is to win 30 points 8 assists Adams? Or 22 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists in the Bracka? Or three-pointers 10 cast 7 in the West Heat River? They are qualified, but the most qualified is Zhou Qi. Authentic Adam EatonWomens Jersey This is on the defensive end of the baskets and rebounds everywhere, his dominance in the basket and make up the way of attack is the primary reason for Xinjiang to win the field victory.
In the finals of the game, the defense is often the most important part, even in a sense, Al Montoya Youth Jersey the defense will determine the outcome of the game. Xinjiang array Zhou Qi, West Heat River, Kelan Baike is the team's most heavily dependent on the three defensive Titans.
Zhou Qi's basket capacity and defense in the game played a crucial role. This season with the help of the rocket sent the fitness coach, Zhou Qi's small muscle group strength has been significantly improved, which makes him in the high resistance in the physical have a better guarantee. The game, he is not only a good anti-live Boozer and Yi Jianlian, but also repeatedly to prevent the outside interference to the opponent's long shot. 4 remember the hat is only part of his ability to protect baskets, there are three times the ball will be set out of the ball, but also for the team directly reduced by more than 6 points lost, count the cap, only two To help the team get more than 10 points of income.
Attack, a team shot only one player, but the defense, the field five people need to participate, and Zhou Qi's presence, so that more than half of Xinjiang defender.
In Xinjiang's offensive system, Zhou Qi is not the main point, he is the team's auxiliary point. He more choice to contact his teammates, whether it is Bracki or Adams to kill the basket, will attract the double team, at this time regardless of the basket space or offensive rebounds, give a great confidence in his teammates - not Or do not vote does not matter, there are Zhou Qi's collusion.
Zhou Qi's rebounds is his second-largest weapon, the game Xinjiang rebounds won three opponents, Zhou Qi contributed five frontcourt and five backcourt rebounds, most of these five offensive rebounds are him Translate to score. A good compensatory point of attack is that any team is in great need.
"A tough opponent, Zhou Qi to die." This is a lot of domestic media and fans of Zhou Qi's one-sided understanding. For a 21-year-old player, every year means growing, this year's heart is more powerful Zhou Qi is no exception. This season, physical and power more outstanding, he is more willing to face direct confrontation, the game won 10 [gesperrt] throws, that is, he became a tough performance of a specific.
Zhou Qi in the game not only to do these, critical time to come forward Zhou Qi, even more revealing his big devil's domineering. The game, Guangdong one up, the attack is very smooth, made a 6: 0 lead. But with the West Heat Jiang domineering three-pointers, Zhou Qi also made his own response, the face of Yi Jianlian defense, he did not hesitate to choose a breakthrough, and take the initiative to seek physical confrontation, creating a foul opponent. Before the end of the first quarter, it is his three-pointers, so that the team to achieve overtake to the leader's psychological advantage into the second quarter.
The second section of his two caps, to help the team played a wave of offensive climax, will be widened to double digits. Before the end of the second quarter, once again tough singles Yi Jianlian, although the shot did not enter, but the faster he quickly, quickly buckle the score. The audience scored 20 points in the Zhou Qi, in the attack with a third, in the cast, fast down, the basket storm and other offensive methods, such a big man, so Yi Jianlian and Boozer in defense of him, some Helpless.
The game, Yi Jianlian, but scored 14 points and 12 rebounds, Boozer is only 26 points and 9 rebounds, if the offensive end, the two and Zhou Qi is not the same, on the defensive end, Zhou Qi in And Yi Jianlian and Boozer have shown a high skill in the ability. To know that the two are qualified NBA-level players, Zhou Qi, such as the continuation of such a good performance, he will enter the NBA for a solid road.
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China City Basketball League was formally established

Beitragvon xiaolan » 06.04.2017 04:13

At 9:00 on March 29 at the Chinese Paralympic Center Auditorium, China City Basketball League CCBU was formally established. China's well-off leadership, basketball experts and the country's 21 provinces, 40 cities nearly 100 representatives, jointly launched the China City Basketball League CCBU.
China City Basketball Union CCBU by the Chinese well-off committee in charge of the public basketball league. The first batch of 40 cities to join, across the country 21 provinces. As the start time around the different, Authentic Bruce Bowen Womens Jersey really formed a "across the year 12 months, every month new game" situation. 2017 annual tournament points will be divided into three stages of the city, regional and finals. There will be more than 2000 teams, nearly 30,000 athletes directly participating, is expected to race more than 5000 games throughout the year. Become China's longest duration, the largest coverage, the most influential one of the most popular basketball tournament. At the same time, all events will be the Internet live, each division will use advanced Internet tools to organize and manage the event, which is the history of Chinese basketball did not have the initiative.
Compared to other popular basketball organizations, China City Basketball League really absorbed the essence of the NBA, there is no host and contractor, planning and implementation of the distinction, each joining the city, are the owners of the Union, they want to contribute to the Union, will also Equally enjoy the benefits of the league.
China City Basketball League by the Mars basketball APP founder Mr. Zhang Decai led the initiative, as an Internet company, Mars basketball will be their own technical advantages also brought to the Union operations. Authentic Alex Smith Youth Jersey China City Basketball Union will be in the spirit of "professional services, network organization, the division of the Union" principle, for the Division to create a complete Internet event organization system, to enhance China's public basketball tournament organization and publicity level, so that ordinary enthusiasts also Can enjoy the professional level of service competition.
Union will continue to improve the upgrade through the live system, the perfect technical statistics system, timely and detailed news reports, to build based on mobile Internet technology, high standards of public basketball operating system. Making high-tech really applied to ordinary basketball enthusiasts who. At the same time, the league will also shoot a large documentary "basketball on the Chinese", about the front line basketball event organizers story, to create a Chinese people exclusive basketball history!
China City Basketball League CCBU creation, and China will be well-off village basketball CBV, Mars basketball APP, the formation of complementary advantages, urban and rural areas complement each other's iron triangle situation, together for China's 300 million basketball enthusiasts online and offline integration platform!
Conference, the Union City representatives, Chuzhou Basketball Association Chairman Mr. Wang Zhiyong, also presented to the promoters Zhang Decai presented all the city to join the signature of the "Tadarin" brand basketball. The brand is also the league designated clothing and game ball supplier.
At the conference site, but also to the Union consultant, Peking University professor, well-known international referee Ma Lijun, Beijing Sports University Professor Bi Zhen, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor Han Jun, co-founder Hou Jiyong issued a consultancy certificate.
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Injury risk is not small

Beitragvon xiaolan » 06.04.2017 07:41

Beijing time on April 5, the news revealed Zhou Qi injured in the second game of the finals caused by left thumb fracture. In the case of the official announcement of the team has not yet announced the news, Authentic Andrew Adams Womens Jersey the first time we contacted the 2016 Rio Olympic delegation in China delegation chief Dr. Chen Fangcan, Dr. Chen by Zhou Qi fingers X-ray from a professional point of view The
"From the map point of view, Zhou Qi is the left hand thumb second phalanx distal fracture." Dr. Chen talked about Zhou Qi is a fracture or fracture, said, "accurate indeed is a fracture, not a crack, Authentic Allen Iverson Youth Jersey because it has Completely cracked, although there is no displacement, but still counted as a fracture. The good news is (split the bones) did not separate, did not fall.
"This situation does not require surgery, the need to surgery if the need for surgery, and if you need surgery, then there is no way to play after the game." Conventionally, this injury generally need to recover around.
Then Zhou Qi in the case of such injuries can also play the game? Dr. Chen gave a professional interpretation.
First of all, his fingers did not shift, if the other damage is not serious, then properly protected, in special circumstances can still play, it depends on how much the Xinjiang team need him, because the play on the But this fracture does not cause other damage to the fingers of the joint we do not know, including ligaments, soft tissue can be injured, that situation will need to be judged again.
"From the point of view of the fracture, his left hand will certainly be limited to the scope of the thumb, the other pain is unavoidable.But because it is left thumb, so Zhou Qi's shot should not be greatly affected, but his then Ball, pass and defense will be affected.
"If the game is played, improper handling is likely to aggravate the injury, so that the fracture becomes a displacement, the whole piece of bone leaves loose, resulting in bones are not easy to go back to extend the recovery time.If the protection is to avoid doing some risky action, Zhou Qi played the possibility of some, but because the thumb is not so fixed as the other fingers, in the fixed protection is relatively difficult, and the thumb in the basketball pass the ball need to force, so it will affect him 'S action.
Dr. Chen from the words we can see that Zhou Qi's injury is not completely unable to play, but the risk is not small. Taking into account the situation in Xinjiang and Guangdong and Zhou Qi scheduled for this summer to the US special training program, Xinjiang team need him on? Zhou Qi itself and his team is what attitude? These two factors will likely determine whether he will reimburse the season.
If Zhou Qi to determine the reimbursement, Xinjiang Xinjiang Basketball situation will become very grim.
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Optimistic about the basketball market potential

Beitragvon xiaolan » 06.04.2017 09:31

Optimistic about the basketball market potential
Tongxi Group and Far East Hongxin see slightly the same
Optimistic about the basketball market, is undoubtedly contributed to the cooperation of the most important reason. As we all know, the current sports industry is China's current strong advocacy of the sunrise industry, CBA league as one of the most concerned about the professional league, the development and influence of the past few years, its commercial value from 2017 is also expected to usher in a new Round outbreak.
At present, Jiangsu Tongxi Basketball Club is actively preparing for the listing of the new three board listing, which is the same with the Xi Xi Group, one of the most important strategic plan, such as the scheduled time in the new three board successfully listed, Tong Xi basketball club will likely become China Basketball in the history of the first listed CBA club. Adam Lind Womens Jersey Tongxi basketball club listing action, attracted a lot of large enterprises and Tongxi Group conducted a capital cooperation negotiations, the Far East Hongxin is the first and Tong Xi Group to achieve capital strategic cooperation agreement. March 28 morning, in the same Xi Rui shopping plaza held a conference on the sixth floor, Tong Xi Group Chairman Chen Guangchuan presented to the Far East Hongxin printed with "Far East Hongxin Information Media" Tongxi No. 1 shirt, this logo The Far East Hongxin became the first with the Tongxi basketball club to start the capital of the enterprise.
In the press conference, Tong Xi Group Chairman Chen Guangchuan said: "Cooperation with the Far East has been two years ago, before the financial cooperation, is now with the basketball club capital cooperation, Authentic Alexander Radulov Womens Jersey through the previous cooperation, the Far East also The Far East is a very influential large group in the country, the work team is very professional, ability and quality is also high, I believe this cooperation with the Far East, Tong Xi basketball development and growth will play a great To promote the role. "
Far East Hongxin Electronic Information Division Director Zhan Jing said: "Thanks Tong Xi's trust and support, before the CBA and Super Club have some cooperation, Tong Xi is our most important strategic partner, both in the sports and financial direction with Strong complementary resources, the future direction of the development of the sports industry is also a strong consistency, hope that the future of more cooperation and mutual trust, together for the development of China 's sports to build a new standard platform.
Central enterprises injection market soon
Tongxi sports industry development will be fast lane
According to the Yangtze Evening News reporter learned that the Far East Hongxin Co., Ltd. is a central enterprises, listed in Hong Kong in 2011, its adhering to the "financial + industry" business philosophy, committed to innovative products and services, to provide customers with tailor-made industrial integration Operating services, is China's leading innovation finance company. Far East Hongxin Electronic Information Division is rooted in China's electronic information industry and cultural media sports entertainment field, in the big style, large media, large entertainment industry has rich experience in resource integration, forming a circular and reticular industrial chain resource distribution, Which helps to realize the operation of the tournament and the market value of the club.
Listing and the strategic cooperation, no doubt to Tongxi Group's sports industry development onto a "fast lane." In addition to the CBA professional team, Tong Xi Group Chairman Chen Guangchuan in the sports industry in other areas also have layout. At present, the club's Jiangsu Tongxi basketball training camp, Jiangsu Tongxi dance studio, Tong Xi health therapy center and so have begun to take shape and achieve income; the next five years, Tong Xi will further promote the national fitness industry, basketball Training industry, health rehabilitation industry development. Tong Xi Group Chairman Chen Guangchuan said: "Far East Hongxin future Tongxi funds, resources, not only will Tongxi basketball team into a rapid development stage, but also let us in the sports industry planning more emboldened to achieve. "
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George Ford questions plan to condense tournament

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England fly-half George Ford has voiced his concerns over the prospect of shortening the "tough" Six Nations.
The Rugby Football Union wants to condense the tournament by a week from 2020, Authentic Adam EatonYouth Jersey but the Scottish and Welsh governing bodies oppose the move.
The Six Nations is currently played over a seven-week period, with two rest weekends.
"It's tough enough on lads as it is. To reduce that again would be really tough," Ford told BBC Radio 5 live.
"I think it's really important to have the rest weekends," Joe Theismann Youth Jersey he added.
Ford started every game as England retained their Six Nations title in March, despite a final-day defeat by Ireland in Dublin.
"You play five Test matches within a seven-week period, and the intensity you have to train at is what people don't see," he added.
"It takes a fair bit out of you. The Six Nations is an unbelievably hard tournament, both physically and mentally.
"You love it, and you wouldn't want it any other way, but I suppose when you come out of it you reflect and realise how tough it is."
Ford played through a back niggle on his return to club duty against Saracens, but following a week off he says he is feeling fresh before Saturday's meeting with Leicester, with up to 60,000 expected at Twickenham for the Premiership clash.
"I had a good rest week last week, a few days in the sun. You don't realise until you have that rest how much you need it - I don't think I've ever slept as much in my life," he continued.
"It's been good to come back in ready and raring to go for the rest of the season."
Ford will leave Bath at the end of the season to join Saturday's opponents Leicester, but he says it's business as usual until then.
"I'm engrossed in what's going on in the here and now. We've got a big couple of games coming up," he said.
"One thing I want to do is finish off well with the lads and hopefully pick up some silverware of some sort."
Meanwhile, before his move to the East Midlands in the summer, Ford has welcomed the arrival of Matt O'Connor as Tigers head coach, and says the managerial upheaval at Welford Road has no impact on his decision to switch clubs.
"I worked with Matt O'Connor when I was there last time, and really enjoyed working under him," he said.
Ford also says his father Mike will come back stronger after his premature exit as head coach of French side Toulon earlier this week.
The pair worked together when Mike was in charge at Bath from 2013 to 2015.
"I feel for him, but one thing about my Dad is that he will keep coming back," George Ford said. "He's still the best coach I've ever been coached by, without being biased.
"I said to him it might not be a bad thing to have a break, relax for a bit, and see what happens in the next couple of months.
"I definitely think he has developed as a coach and he will be back for sure."
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Premier League best player

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"The only reason I would put Eden Hazard above him is because there are times when you need that something extra, for example in Chelsea's FA Cup win over Manchester United.
"United matched Chelsea up everywhere but the reason they lost is because Phil Jones could not cope with Hazard.
"Hazard is the game-changer, the one who turns the draw into a win or finds the opposition's weakness, Brandan Wright Youth Jersey and he has raised the bar again with his performances this season.
"If I was sitting in the dressing room about to play Chelsea and Hazard's name wasn't on the teamsheet, then unless I was playing in midfield, I would be much happier than if Kante's name wasn't there.
"That is why he has the edge, and I think 90% of players would agree."
"Liverpool's Sadio Mane is exciting to watch, as is Everton's Tom Davies, who does not make my six but should make the shortlist for young player of the year.
"Tottenham full-back Danny Rose has had an outstanding season and I am pleased he is now being recognised as one of the best there is in his position, because he has had to win a few people over.
"But I am going for Rose's team-mate at Spurs, Dele Alli, to win it. I don't think of him as a young player any more because he is already a leader, someone who can conduct play.
"Alli has been exceptional for Tottenham and when I watch him for England I just think 'yes!' - we have found the replacement for Steven Gerrard that we have been waiting for."
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Investing in Diversity

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Nine years after launching its LEAD Scholars Program to improve diversity and opportunity, the Alumni Association is announcing a $30 million drive to expand the number of scholarships awarded to underrepresented minority students.
Citing a nearly 11 percent drop in underrepresented minority enrollment among undergraduates at the University since 2006, the Alumni Association said the money raised will allow it to offer up to 75 scholarships a year by 2021. Last year, 50 students earned scholarships of at least $5,000 a year for four years.
Ralph Johnson, MBA’92, chair of the Alumni Association’s board of directors, said the decline convinced the board “to take pretty bold action.” The board did so not only for immediate impact, but also to create something that “will live on beyond all of us.”
“We have to be very appreciative of the generations before us who have made it possible to do this,” Bryce Harper Womens Jersey he added, referring to donations to the Alumni Association over the years that are making the LEAD program expansion possible. “But, we also must look to generations in the future.”
The Alumni Association has committed to providing $10 million over the next 10 years to increase the number of scholarships available to African-American, Latino, and Native American students who have been accepted to the University.
At the same time, the Alumni Association will establish a $10 million endowment that will be used to match donations from outside funders, for a total of $20 million. Contributions of $50,000 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar. The endowment will sustain the scholarship program beyond the next 10 years. Donors can give at or by calling 734.764.3777.
The LEAD Scholars Program grew out of the 2006 decision by Michigan voters to approve Proposal 2, which prohibited the University from using race as a factor in admission decisions. The U.S. Supreme Court in 2014 upheld the ban as constitutional.
While University enrollment has increased nearly 10 percent since 2006, the percentage of underrepresented minority enrollment has not kept pace, declining 23 percent. Undergraduate enrollment in 2006 was 24,322 and underrepresented minorities made up 13 percent of the total. In 2016, 2,600 more undergraduates attended, for a total enrollment of 26,922. However, underrepresented minorities made up just 10 percent of the total.
Since the passage of Proposal 2, the number of underrepresented minority undergraduate students attending U-M has dropped nearly 11 percent. African-American enrollment is down nearly 27 percent, from 1,709 in 2006 to 1,255 in 2016, Authentic Brandan Wright Youth Jersey according to the University’s Office of the Registrar. For Native Americans, enrollment fell 81 percent, from 240 in 2006 to 45 in 2016. Latino enrollment, however, has increased nearly 26 percent, from 1,190 in 2006 to 1,495 in 2016.
The Alumni Association’s board of directors set out to help reverse the overall troubling trend.
LEAD, which stands for Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and Diversity, has “pretty quickly become something that had a real positive effect on students,” Johnson said. “That encouraged us to look for ways to increase investment in the program and make it more sustainable.”
The Alumni Association earmarked $230,000 for scholarships in 2008, the first year of the program. That number grew to $295,000 last year. Qualifying students can get up to $15,000 a year for up to four years. To date, the program has awarded scholarships to 149 African-American students, 108 Latinos, and 28 Native Americans.
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Rotherham United

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The top two teams will be promoted to the Championship, with the next four teams entering the play-offs. Leaders Sheffield United are guaranteed at least a play-off place, Authentic Joe Theismann Youth Jersey and will be promoted on Saturday if they win at Northampton, or match third-placed Fleetwood's result at Oldham. Bolton are also close to making sure of a top-six spot.
The bottom four teams will be relegated to League Two. Coventry will go down on Saturday if they lose or other results go against them, while Chesterfield's relegation could also be confirmed if a number of other scores go against them.
The National League champions will be promoted to League Two, with the next four teams entering the play-offs.
The bottom four teams will be relegated, and replaced by the champions and play-off winners of the National League North and South divisions. Southport will be relegated on Saturday if they lose while Braintree and Woking both win.
The Premiership will split in half after the 33rd round of games on 14-16 April, with the top six and the bottom six playing the other teams in their 'half' for a fourth and final time. Aberdeen, Rangers, St Johnstone and Hearts are certain of finishing in the top six.
The second and third-placed sides will qualify for the Europa League along with the Scottish Cup winners, but there are no longer any Fair Play places allocated to the Europa League. Aberdeen will make sure of a European place if they better St Johnstone's result this weekend.
The bottom side will be relegated to the Scottish Championship, while the 11th-placed side will face the winners of the Championship play-offs over two legs, with the losers condemned to a place in the second tier next season.
The champions will be promoted to League One, while teams finishing second, third and fourth will enter a play-off with the ninth-placed League One team. Forfar and Arbroath are close to making sure of at least a play-off place.
The team finishing bottom will enter a play-off against a candidate club (the winner of a play-off between the Highland and Lowland League champions, or another eligible club nominated by the Scottish Football Association) for the final place in next season's League Two.
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